Seller's Agent

Seller's Agent

What is a Seller's Agent?

The seller's agent, also called a listing agent, helps negotiate offers and ensure their client gets the best terms and price possible. They work with the buyer's agents (or just the buyer, if they choose not to work with a buyer's agent) to facilitate the transaction. Seller's agents help ensure that the sale runs smoothly so the seller has the best experience possible.

Seller's Agent Basics

There is a lot involved in selling a property, and a good seller's agent should make the process as simple and as transparent for the seller as possible. In general, a seller's agent does the following:

  • β—‰ Preparing Homes for Selling
  • β—‰ Deciding an Asking Price
  • β—‰ Marketing the Home Listing
  • β—‰ Negotiating with Buyer's Agents
  • β—‰ Assisting the Seller with Offers
  • β—‰ Closing Sales

The Palm Realty Seller Experience

Palm Realty makes it stress-free for the seller. Palm Realty will research the real estate market in the area, help the seller decide on an asking price, and aid with many other important aspects of the sales process. Here are a few tasks that make Palm Realty invaluable to the seller.

Here's what you can expect from us as your seller's agent.

  • β—‰ Analyzing the market for you to find out whether it's the right time to sell your home.
  • β—‰ Providing a realistic valuation and advicing you on how to maximize your home’s value.
  • β—‰ Tapping into Palm Realty's network of professionals to improve and/or prepare the property for sale.
  • β—‰ Making sure buyers have the best impression by providing the best staging possible.
  • β—‰ Palm Realty will list your home for sale on multiple listing platforms and services.
  • β—‰ Organizing tours and open houses.
  • β—‰ Qualifying and negotiating with buyers with your best interests in mind.
  • β—‰ Preparing the necessary documentation for the sale.
  • β—‰ Maximizing closing chances with each buyer with our years of sales expertise in moving real estate.

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