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As a tenant of a larger commercial property, there are a number of items that you should consider before signing a commercial lease. In a commercial lease, every paragraph and clause can have a significant impact on your company. If you have never signed a commercial lease before, we urge you to have a knowledgeable advocate to explain the intricate details of a lease to you and negotiate on your behalf with the landlord and or landlord’s agent.

Commercial Real Estate 101

Here are a few terms you should be familiar with if Leasing a commercial Property:

  • β—‰ Gross Leases
  • β—‰ Triple Net Leases – AKA: NNN
  • β—‰ Modified Gross Leases

Lease Considerations:

  • β—‰ Term
  • β—‰ Rent

Other Important Terms:

  • β—‰ Use Clauses
  • β—‰ Assignment and sub-letting
  • β—‰ Non-Waiver Provisions
  • β—‰ Security Deposits
  • β—‰ Late Payments
  • β—‰ Repairs and Maintenance
  • β—‰ Insurance
  • β—‰ Alterations to Lease Property

Those are just the basics. There's much more that goes into the checklist when dealing with commercial real estate. A lot of people find them too much to handle. The the legwork, documentation, inspections and negotiations; all these lead to a toxic atmosphere without the right people in place.

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